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Jim Hensons Labyrinth Chess Set

Jim Henson's Labyrinth Chess Set

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  • Description

    This chess set features 32 finely sculpted, hard plastic miniatures in rich burgundy and antique ivory, with felted bases for a smoother gaming experience, and a fully illustrated, evocative board, representing an area of the Labyrinth itself.

    1 Chess Board
    32 Plastic Chess Pieces
      ‣ Jareth as the (Goblin) King
      ‣ Sarah as the Queen
      ‣ Hoggle as the Bishop
      ‣ Sir Didymus as the Knight
      ‣ Ludo as the Rook
      ‣ Goblins as the Pawns


    River Horse Games is celebrating Jim Henson's imagination by releasing this highly collectible chess set, featuring the finely sculpted figurines by Johny Fraser-Allen.

  • Details
    Ages: 10+
    Category: Board Games
    Players: 2
    Publisher: River Horse Games
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