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Comic Collection: Bigfoot / Frankenstein #1 - #5

Comic Collection: Bigfoot / Frankenstein #1 - #5

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  • Description

    Book 1

    Witness the creation of a new kind of hero! When the last remaining tribe of Sasquatches is wiped out, the heir to the legendary Frankenstein name decides to do what they do best - create new life from the parts! Welcome Bigfoot Frankenstein to the world, but will he be a savior or a destroyer?

    Book 2

    When Jude Frankenstein and Big Frank, the patchwork Frankenstein's monster made out of dead Bigfeet, stopped in a small town, they didn't realize they would encounter none other than the Boogeyman itself! Does Big Frank have what it takes to stop the evil that is tormenting children? Get set for monster-vs-monster action!

    Book 3

    The patchwork monstrosity known as Big Frank, along with his creator Jude Frankenstein, are on their way to find the tribe of rednecks who slaughtered the last of the Bigfoots. But when Big Frank is caught on camera, the rednecks bring the fight to him!

    Book 4

    Learn the dark secrets of the clan of rednecks who slaughtered the last remaining tribe of Bigfoots. As Big Frank confronts those who murdered his people, a knock-down, drag-out brawl ensues! And who can be prepared for the Bride of Bigfoot Frankenstein?

    Book 5

    This is it! The final battle between Bigfoot Frankenstein and Dwight Fry, the immortal redneck who killed the Sasquatches for their magical blood! It all comes down to this - who is more savage: the man-made monster or the man responsible for his death? Only one will walk away!

  • Details
    Artist: Vernon Smith
    Issue: 1 - 5
    Series: Vol 1
    Writer: Mark Bertolini
    Publication Year: 2021
    Variant: A
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