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Comic Collection: Orcs In Space 1 - 8 Cover A

Comic Collection: Orcs In Space 1 - 8 Cover A

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  • Description

    Book 1 - 2

    Double-issue debut!Gor, Kravis, and Mongtar are three Orcs trying to survive while on the run from everything and everyone on their homeworld. When the naive bureaucrats from StarBleep land on their planet, the orcs unwittingly steal the most advanced ship in the fleet and blast into the dankest reaches of the outer galactigon. Now the universe's most wanted, the Orcs befriend the ship's AI, D.O.N.A., in a bid to get free... but will that be enough to escape StarBleep?

    Book 3

    Dash Blastoff captures Kravis, Mongtar, and Gor on their own (stolen) ship! But no one gets to nurse their Starclub 72 hangovers before the dastardly, foppish Space Rats also find the Aarken - and teleport onboard to hijack it! Now DONA and the gang must fight off an intergalactic bounty-hunter and an entire armada! Can DONA tell a fib? Will MAYHEM ensue? (Yes, obviously.)

    Book 4

    The first arc of Orcs in Space comes to an orcdacious conclusion!The orcs dive into a final battle with the Space Rats and Dash Blastoff - will the ors prevail and survive their first battle with their second enemy, or have their mayhem-making ways finally caught up to them? It's Rat-slaying Time!

    Book 5

    The orcs are...still in space! Gor, Mongtar, and Kravis go on a quest to infiltrate a shipyard guarded by a robot army to help their ship's AI, D.O.N.A., discover her origins. While exploring a scrap heap, they run into the Cyber-Scrapper, who offers to help--but is he friend or foe?

    Book 6

    When the orcs eat literally everything on the Aarken, D.O.N.A. stops at the three-star dining and tourist-trap experience Starstop Zitti for provisions. Kravis goes Wally Waffles-wild until he unwittingly ticks off the cutest scariest biker gang in the galactigon. Will the orcs rumble with the Fuzzballs?!

    Book 7

    Battling a giant mech piloted by a space biker gang obsessed with politeness is no joke! After narrowly escaping the wrath of Fuzzitron Supreme, D.O.N.A. leads the orcs to their final destination: the junk-filled lair of her eccentric creator, Doctor Smedley. What was his original sinister purpose for her? And, hey-did that pet cat just talk?!

    Book 8

    Holy Krumholla, Dr. Smedley transforms into Smedlar, the Planet-Basher, Asteroid-Kicker, and Scourge of the Cosmos! Mongtar, Kravis, and Gor face the gigantic cyberquack in an all-out battle Royale for the future of the galactigon! Who will come to the aid of our fugitive orcs?

  • Details
    Issue: 1 - 8
    Publisher: Oni Press Inc.
    Series: Vol 1
    Publication Year: 2021
    Variant: A
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