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Comic Collection: Triskele #1 - 6 Cover A

Comic Collection: Triskele #1 - 6 Cover A

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  • Description

    Book One: When young Alec Ellis is granted a magical gift on Samhain night, the scales of power on the island of Albion are inadvertently shifted. Now, together with his friends, he is about to embark on a dangerous journey that shall decide the fate of their entire kingdom. Set in a medieval world populated by characters and events from Celtic myths and legends, Triskele is a visually stunning journey into the world of once forgotten oral traditions. It is an epic story of courage and friendship imbued with fascinating characters and steeped in the magic of Welsh and Irish folklore.

    Book Two: Against his grandmother's better judgment, Alec lets his curiosity get the best of him when the yellow lights he had seen previously in the forest appear before him once again. As the boy's newfound ability is sensed across the kingdom, the shadow of a great conflict begins to loom on the horizon.

    Book Three: Alec takes his friends through the portal of yellow lights in order to learn more about what has happened to their village. What lies in store for them, however, is much more than the answers they naively seek.

    Book Four: A young warrior breaks into the dungeon where our young heroes are imprisoned and appears before Alec and Evan as they await their bleak fate. Who is he, and why is he rescuing the children? Meanwhile, the clock starts ticking as slave traders make their way to the city.

    Book Five: Alec, Nessa, and Eoghan venture into the depths of Havren Forest in the hope of finding a way to save Luna. In order to succeed in their quest, however, they must face a challenge from deep within Albion's mythical past.

    Book Six: Alec and his friends set off on their journey back to the lake where their adventures started. Unbeknownst to them, however, a new threat remains - one that will test their heart and spirit to the utmost limit.

  • Details
    Artist: Monaramis
    Cover Artist: Monaramis
    Issue: 1 - 6
    Publisher: Scout Comics
    Series: Vol 1
    Writer: Felipe Pan
    Publication Year: 2022
    Variant: A
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