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Red Goblin Vol 2 Nature Nurture TP

Red Goblin Vol 2 Nature Nurture TP

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  • Description

    Nature vs. nurture? CARNAGE REIGNS may be over, but Normie Osborn and the Rascal symbiote's problems are only just beginning! For weeks, Normie has pacified the symbiote and managed to keep the rabid killing machine inside it under control. He's been trying to do the right thing and, in the process, has had to face down small-time criminals and lowlifes. But that leaves him poorly prepared when the bloodthirsty and brutal mercenary Crossbones tracks him down, intent on taking both Normie's symbiote and his life! In a battle for survival, Normie is about to learn that you can't fight nature - but if he starts losing himself to the corrupting influence of his symbiote, his family and pal Dylan Brock are prepared to mount a final push to save the Red Goblin from himself! Collecting RED GOBLIN #6-10.

  • Details
    Age: Rated T+
    Cover Artist: Inhyuk Lee
    Issue: Vol 2
    Page Count: 112
    Publisher: Marvel Comics
    Series: Trade Paper
    Writer: Alex Paknadel
    Publication Year: 2024
    Release Date: 2/13/2024
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