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Forever Forward #1 (Of 5) Cover A

Forever Forward #1 (Of 5) Cover A

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  • Description

    Sci-fi writer Zack Kaplan and artist Arjuna Susini take you on a sci-fi adventure like no other, one that imagines time traveling through "the future" as an Odyssey-style mythic journey home. When brilliant young scientist Dr. Lewis Moody accidentally launches himself, his secret longtime crush and three best friends 33 years into the future with his unproven quantum time machine, they find a mysterious message from their future selves: "The Only Way Back Is Forward." Now, as they jump again and again through strange future times, will they one day find the technology to time-travel back, or are they doomed to hopelessly travel forward... forever?

  • Details
    Artist: Arjuna Susini
    Cover Artist: Jacob Phillips
    Issue: 1
    Page Count: 32
    Publisher: Scout Comics
    Series: Vol 1
    Writer: Zack Kaplan
    Publication Year: 2022
    Release Date: 8/24/2022
    Variant: A
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