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Comic Collection Aggretsuko Out To Lunch #1- #4 Cover A

Comic Collection Aggretsuko Out To Lunch #1- #4 Cover A

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  • Description

    Book One When Aggretsuko and her coworkers go on a company retreat to Tokyo Video Joy Place, a theme park run by an American movie studio, Aggretsuko is overwhelmed by repeated messages to follow her dreams.- But what are Aggretsuko' dreams? And how can she make them a reality?

    Book Two Desperate to find a new job, Retsuko visits an employment agency, which recommends a much different--and surprising--career path for her. But can Retsuko summon the inner strength to make such a big change?

    Book Three While working at a Maid Café, Aggretsuko must keep her identity secret from her number one customer: Mr. Ton. Moonlighting on her lunch breaks, Retsuko sees another side of Mr. Ton. This elaborate scheme can't last long, can it?

    Book Four Late to work at both of her jobs, Retsuko must make a choice. Does she continue moonlighting, or does she make a genuine effort at Carrier Man Trading?

  • Details
    Issue: 1 - 4
    Publisher: Oni Press Inc.
    Series: Vol 1
    Writer: Josh Trujillo
    Publication Year: 2022
    Variant: A
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