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By The Horns Vol 1 Dark Earth TP

By The Horns Vol 1 Dark Earth TP

Available Wednesday, June 14 2023
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  • Description

    Dark Earth- Part One. Six months after their battle in the sky with the evil sorceress Feng Po, Elodie, Sajen and Evelyn are back in Wayfarer, settling into their new lives as farmers. Unfortunately, their quiet days spent tilling the land prove short-lived when a blight begins devastating Solothus. To find a cure, Elodie and her friends must take up a new quest and sail across the ocean to the unicorn homeland of Yalastra. But getting there is no easy task when marauders and monsters block their path at every turn, and the ghosts of their past actions come back to haunt them. Collects By the Horns: Dark Earth #1-6 (Legacy #9-14).

  • Details
    Artist: Jason Muhr
    Cover Artist: Jason Muhr
    Issue: Vol 1
    Publisher: Scout Comics
    Series: Trade Paper
    Writer: Markisan Naso
    Publication Year: 2023
    Release Date: 6/14/2023
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