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Tome of Beasts II Hardcover (5e)

Tome of Beasts II Hardcover (5e)

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    The Tome of Beasts II from Kobold Press brings nearly 400 new monsters to 5th edition - designed by some of the most talented, and wildly creative, designers working today. You'll find monsters for almost every location your heroes might journey: from farmlands to forests...dungeons to deserts...and from bustling cities to fantastical planar realms.

    Tome of Beasts II brings you:

      ‣ Angelic Enforcers and Alligator Turtles.
      ‣ Befouled Weirds and Clockwork Tigers.
      ‣ Hoard Drakes and Zombie Dragons.
      ‣ Death Vultures and Dragonflesh Golems.
      ‣ Imperial Dragons and Swordbreaker Skeletons.
      ‣ Swamp Nagas and Magma Octopuses.
      ‣ Sasquatch and Shriekbats.
      ‣ Walled Horrors and Wraith Bears.

    Keep your players surprised, entertained, and terrified with all-new opponents they've never seen before - and won't be expecting.

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